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Who is Playful?

Primero World Alliance Corporation is a distribution company established in the Philippines and founded on 24th August 2004 dealing with fast moving consumer goods. This eventually started their vision to create the Playful Diaper brand.

Playful diaper is a brand that has been in the market for 10 years. Playful quickly became well-loved by mothers who are seeking quality disposable diapers on a budget. Its soft, cloth-like material with high-grade Aloe Vera gel provides excellent comfort for the new member of the family. Durability, lower usage, flexibility in fit, bigger sizing, fast absorption are also the unique selling points of the Playful diaper.

Further, in 2017, we expanded our product line and was able to launch Playful Baby Wipes. Both product categories have earned significant recognition from its target market and growth in business share. These positive developments were attributed to the products’ competitive advantages in terms of quality and price and these paved the way to increased consumer patronage.

About Our Brand

As an organization, we believe that comfort and protection must not be only limited to that of our families and loved ones but must also be extended to the nation and people of all ages as well. With this, we have extended our vision of giving the best comfort and protection by helping NGO's like SOS Children's Village, AFP Education Benefit System, and Anawim Home of God's Poor for every purchase of our products.

We are up to date with the latest innovations in diaper and wipes technologies to maintain and sustain the daily Filipino's need for reliable products.

Safe ingredients and high quality materials were carefully chosen for the production of our products especially made for babies with different tolerance to organic and chemical ingredients. Due to this, we have carefully chosen the most reliable and safest ingredients in all baby wipes and diapers. 

Fair Pricing doesn't mean sacrificing the quality of our products. Our products are at par with the top brands in the industry today with even fairer pricing to be able to reach more Filipino babies and households. We believe that quality baby care products should be accessible to each and every baby no matter where they are in life.


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